Programs:  Childrens' Education

Toddler / Preschool / PreK / Kindergarten
46 Bucknam Street
Everett, MA
Tel: 617-387-5437
Fax: 617-387-4432

Infant / Toddler / Preschool / PreK
92 Baldwin Avenue
Everett, MA
Tel: 617-387-5405
Fax: 617-387-5411

The Daily Program:
Programs at Children's Playhouse

Arrival begins at 7:30 a.m. Self directed play, creative time, and lot of activities both indoors and outdoors fill the day. When the children first enter the classroom, they are greeted by a teacher and given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interests that have been prepared for them. These areas can be changed daily, weekly, or hourly. Some of these activities are, but are not limited to clay, paint, collage, musical instruments, books, dolls, writing, reading and sensory activities. We also offer a variety of activities for special days, and occasions. The children will be learning through hands on interaction with their environment. Each day is special, opening up new worlds to conquer, and new things to try.

A teacher is always near by to lend support and guidance, answer a question, make a statement, to set guidelines, and to change the activities. There will be circle times, learning times, outdoor times, activity times, music and movement, and one on one time, where the children can have time to interact with the teacher individually. In addition, there will be time to go outdoors, and run, climb, hop, dig, balance, and play games.

The program closes at 5:30 p.m.

Please remember to ask about our early drop off and late pick up program at our Bucknam St. location! Additional rates apply.