Welcome to Children's Playhouse Daycare. I hope that your child's years with us are fun, nurturing and happy. The staff and I are anxiously awaiting your child's arrival. We are committed to providing a rich and caring environment where children can feel confident about themselves and their ability to succeed. We want you to know that your child's daycare is your daycare and we expect you to stop by, talk with the staff, ask questions, and share your ideas and talents with us.

Your child's day will be filled with many varied and exciting activities. Our teachers carefully prepare the classroom environment with many interests to stimulate self-motivated learning. Children are encouraged to grow and progress at their own pace by choosing from a variety of interesting and fun activities. At our daycare you will see happy faces, full of wonder, ideas, and things to talk about, relate to, compare, match, fit into, try out, reinvent, discover, and enjoy.

The program we pursue is geared toward helping children develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening. It gives them awareness of their own feelings, and their right to express those feelings by sometimes channeling in to other means of expression. They learn they are free to make choices. A program like ours gives your child the necessary guidance and nurturing he/she needs to become self confident, independent, and most of all happy!

Fully licensed by The Department Of Early Education And Care Of Massachusetts. Proudly providing exceptional and quality services to our families of Everett and the surrounding communities since 1993.