Our Staff

The staff at Childrens Playhouse Daycare, Inc. are experienced early childhood educators. We encourage our staff to continue education by participating in professional workshops, in-service education, and enrolling in college courses.

Our teachers remain alert to the ever-changing needs of today’s families and current early childhood research. We are CPR and First Aid certified, and we are always ready to respond to minor and major emergency situations on and off the property.

Management Team

Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz

Executive Director

Michelle has 21 years experience in early childhood education, all of it spent at Childrens Playhouse Daycare.  Michelle loves helping people, interacting with parents and staff, and making connections. She takes pride in providing a compassionate approach to the working family, and creating aesthetically pleasing spaces where both educators and children can learn and feel comfortable.

Michelle is passionate about carrying on her family’s daycare legacy and the vested interest it requires. She is also responsible for payroll, hiring, food and product inventory purchasing, state and city regulation compliance, operations of both centers, and mentoring and providing support to directors and management. 

Jenny Ruberto

Director, 92 Baldwin Ave.

Jenny has spent 18 years in the early education field, continuing her family’s legacy at Childrens Playhouse Daycare. She is passionate about managing her staff, setting goals, and making a difference in the workplace.

As a program director, Jenny’s responsibility is making sure the children, families, and staff are safe, happy, and supported. She is also responsible for the day-to-day functions and center operations for 15 staff members and 41 children. 

Lachae'a Donnelly Cenescar

Lead Coordinator, 92 Baldwin Ave.

Lachae’a has worked in the early education field for eight years, the last two at Childrens Playhouse Daycare. She is most passionate about proper growth and development of children, fairness, teaching, teamwork, and working alongside teachers and parents to ensure children receive the love and care they need.

Lachae’a’s key responsibilities at Childrens Playhouse are ensuring policies of the center, helping the director with day to day tasks, staff work delegation, and leading by example. Her goal is to directing an early education center in the future.

Jennifer Ford

Director, 46 Bucknam St.

Jennifer has been In the Early Education field since 1992. For the last 13 years she has been at Childrens Playhouse Daycare, where she is responsible for the daily center operations for 17 staff members and 87 children and families.

Jen’s favorite part of her job is helping families find the support resources and learning opportunities for their child to achieve social, emotional, and academic learning, as well as growth. Knowing that educators are essential to helping kids thrive and grow in this world feeds her passion. Jen has an Associate’s Degree in early childhood education. 

Isabella Viele

Assistant Director, 46 Bucknam St.

Bella has been in the early education field for 10 years, nine of them working at Childrens Playhouse Daycare. Bella is passionate about being able to watch a child’s development blossom each day, and being able to forge bonds and impact the lives of families, staff, and children.

Bella has her certificate in early childhood education. Her key responsibilities are being a support system to all of the classrooms and guiding the educators to reach their highest point. She helps the director with the center operations and day-to-day functions, and assists the staff with curriculum and activity planning.

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